The Build League is a competition where talented builders of the Minecraft Bedrock Engine compete against each other. The participating teams of 2 players each have 7 days to build the best possible creation to outperform their competitors. A season is divided into the following steps.


Before each season, players must first qualify for entry. The participants have 1 week to build the best possible.


A season is divided into several matches. For each match, all participants must create a creation on a specific topic. The team with the fewest points is eliminated, the other teams can participate in the next match.


The final begins when only 3 teams are left. There is € 100 / $ 112,13 to win. Then everything starts with a new qualification and Season 2.


Before each season, players must first prove their skills through a qualification. All players who fulfill the necessary conditions can sign up for these. Participants can team up with a partner to form a team. Everything possible may be built. For the qualifications, all participants have a maximum of 7 days.When a competitor reaches the required minimum score, the team will automatically be admitted to the next season. More about this in the following section.


The entire season is divided into several competitions, so-called "matches". Unlike the qualifications, a topic is given here which must be implemented in the best possible way. The first match will take place in autumn 2019. Each time the participants with the lowest score are eliminated. With a delay of two months, the next match begins. This process is repeated until only 3 teams or individual participants remain. In that case, the finale takes place.


Creations are judged by a neutral jury and by anonymous surveys on the Internet. Members of the jury award a maximum of 15 points in special categories. Online survey participants can vote for their favorite creation. Depending on the number of participants, the votes are converted into points. Finally, the rating of the jury and the community is used to calculate the average, which represents the final score.

Evaluation criteria of the jury are creativity, block selection, landscaping and atmosphere/overall impression.


There are no prizes for the qualification, but the winning team of a Build League Season will receive a prize in the form of money. The amount may vary, but will be at least € 100 / $ 112,13 (depending on the total number of participating teams). Payout is currently only possible via PayPal.